Comment from Jamie Halcro Johnston on the publication of the GERS figures for 2019-20

“Once again, the Scottish Government’s own figures underline just how much Scotland benefits from being part of the United Kingdom and the world’s 6th largest economy.

“Every single person in Moray – in fact, every single person in Scotland - is better off by nearly £2,000 because we’re part of the UK. The GERS figures make than undisputedly clear.

“Despite the SNP squeezing the budgets of our local authorities and other public bodies, Scotland is able to spend more per head on public services because of the support of the UK Barnett Formula.

“These GERS figures are just the latest to highlight the wider economic benefits of being part of the United Kingdom, with Moray’s leading businesses able to access the wider UK market without barriers. And also to take advantage of opportunities like the massive ongoing UK Government investment at RAF Lossiemouth, as well as collaboration in joint projects like the recently announced Moray Growth Deal.

“The GERS figures show the benefits of Scotland being part of the United Kingdom. And with recent polling confirming that most Scots want the Scottish Government to move away from their obsession with constitutional change, it’s time for the SNP to focus attention on how it takes advantage of those benefits, improves our public services, grows our economy and creates jobs”.