Concern over potential Police cuts

Commenting on the £50m black hole faced by Police Scotland, and concerns that police numbers could have to be cut, Highlands and Islands MSP Jamie Halcro Johnston said:

“These are extremely worrying revelations from Audit Scotland and highlight just how the Scottish Government’s mismanagement of Police Scotland could impact on police numbers.

“This is just another mess of Humza Yousaf’s making, and on no account should communities in the Highlands and Islands lose their local police officers because of the chronic ineptitude of SNP ministers and their botched centralisation of the police service.

“And it is simply intolerable that the livelihoods of our local police officers, through no fault of their own, might be put at risk because of the financial unsustainability of Police Scotland under the SNP.

“The SNP must get a grip on this situation and ensure that our local police officers, particularly those who work to keep communities across the Highlands and Islands safe, are able to continue to do so and are not lost because of SNP incompetence.”