Halcro Johnston’s “serious concerns” over education review delay

Shadow Education Minister Jamie Halcro Johnston has said delays to a key education review was a matter of serious concern.

The Scottish Government announced this morning that the OECD’s review of Curriculum for Excellence, which was originally to report in February 2021, will now not be published until after next Holyrood elections.

The Highlands and Islands MSP said the decision would be greeted with dismay by educators across the regions, and could delay much needed improvements to Scotland’s education system.  

Mr Halcro Johnston said: “The Scottish Government’s decision to delay this report will be greeted with dismay across the Highlands and Islands, particularly by many working within the education sector.

“Constituents have expressed serious concerns with me about declining highers results and a narrowing of subject choice; concerns I fully recognise.

“Our education system used to be the envy of the world. But, in recent years, we have been slipping down the league tables.

“This needs to be urgently addressed. And that isn’t achieved by the Scottish Government choosing to kick another key education commitment into the long grass.

“I recognise that the current health crisis makes assessment visits and stakeholder events more difficult. But the Scottish Government should be looking at ways to get this review undertaken, not finding excuses to delay it until after the next elections.

“Our children don’t get a second chance at an education. This announcement doesn’t only delay the review of Curriculum for Excellence, it delays the chance to make much needed improvements to how we deliver education in Scotland.“