Jamie highlights SNP’s unfair treatment of Moray

Jamie Halcro Johnston MSP, Scottish Conservative MSP for the Highlands and Islands, has highlighted the SNP’s unfair treatment of Moray in his speech to the Scottish Conservative Conference on Friday.

Speaking to a packed conference immediately before Prime Minister Theresa May, Mr Halcro Johnston described Moray “as a wonderful diverse part of the country” but one that felt ignored by the “narrow central belt focus” of the SNP Government.

He said: “Despite having one of the poorest funding arrangements from the Scottish Government, Moray has suffered even more cuts this year under the SNP.

“While their own budgets are growing, the Scottish Government seems utterly indifferent as their SNP colleagues on Moray Council - too timid to stand up to their party bosses in Edinburgh - are left to swing the axe and force damaging cuts on vital public services and the communities that rely on them.”

Speaking after the debate, he said: “I was very pleased to get the opportunity to highlight the appalling treatment that Moray, in particular, has received from Nicola Sturgeon and her colleagues.

“It is very important that people understand that our Party, as it begins its campaign to make Ruth Davidson First Minister in 2021, will take action to restore fairness to the way resources are distributed across Scotland if we are successful in the next elections to the Scottish Parliament.”

Mr Halcro Johnston’s comments were welcomed by Moray Conservative Councillors who attended the conference.

Councillor Claire Feaver (Forres) said: “It’s great that the plight of Moray is well understood at the top of the Scottish Conservative Party.

“We can’t even afford to cut the grass or pay for school crossing patrollers due to the terrible financial package imposed on us by the Scottish Government.

“All we are asking for is a fair deal.

“Let’s hope that there is a change of government in two years’ time and that we have a First Minister who doesn’t just regard Moray and the rest of the North East as a milch cow.”