Jamie warns against Greens’ bid to force SNP road u-turn

Highlands and Islands MSP Jamie Halcro Johnston has warned SNP ministers not to give in to pressure by the Scottish Greens to scrap the dualling of the A9 and the A96.

“With Patrick Harvie’s party reported to be making cancelling the schemes one of their demands in return for backing the Scottish Government’s budget, the Conservative MSP said the SNP must reject the Scottish Green’s advances.

Mr Halcro Johnston said: “The dualling of the A9 and the A96 are vital projects for the Highlands and Islands.

“They are the arteries of our region and these projects will help boost our local economies, improve safety for road users and increase connectivity for communities across the region. 

“They are vital parts of our future transport infrastructure and local people, businesses and those who visit our region will expect the SNP to deliver on their promises to dual the routes.

“With the SNP government already proposing to slash the budget of Highlands and Islands Enterprise, whilst also leaving councils across the region struggling to maintain vital services, we cannot afford any more bad news or u-turns from the SNP.

“SNP ministers must not allow themselves to be held to ransom by a party with just six MSPs, only one of whom actually represents the Highlands and Islands. The SNP must stand firm against these demands and push on with getting these routes dualled”.