More SNP broadband delays

Commenting on news that the SNP Scottish Government's pledge to roll out super-fast broadband to 100% of Scots by 2021 is delayed by at least two years, Jamie Halcro Johnston MSP said:

“People and businesses in communities across the Highlands and Islands will be horrified by this latest announcement of further delays to R100.

“How can businesses and service providers plan investment, or plan to develop and improved their services, if the Scottish Government cannot get something as fundamental as rolling out broadband right?

“Everyone needs fit-for-purpose broadband, and nowhere more than our more remote communities. Yet the minister could not even forecast a date for implementation. That is simply appalling and leaves communities in limbo.

“The statement is a staggering admission of failure by the Scottish Government; one which will not be forgotten or forgiven by communities across the Highlands and Islands.”