SNP “indifferent” to Northern Isles ferry needs

Highlands and Islands MSP Jamie Halcro Johnston has accused the SNP Government of being “indifferent” on local ferry services.

Speaking in a Conservative party business debate on ferry services, the Conservative MSP criticised the continued delay on rolling out reduced ferry fares to Orkney, and said local people deserved better.

Jamie Halcro Johnston said “In Orkney and Shetland, the securing of our ferry services has been hard-won by local action against what often appears to be an indifferent Scottish government in Edinburgh.

“The very different treatment of ferry services across Scotland exposes the lack of joined-up thinking from the Scottish Government, while their own pledges remain undelivered and insecure.

“Our island communities, like so many others dependent on ferry services, deserve better”.

Commenting later, Jamie Halcro Johnston MSP said: “The SNP’s previous Transport Minister came to Orkney, promised reduced fares but failed to deliver. Now the new incumbent has kicked this issue into the long grass.

“I was also staggered by the suggestion from the SNP’s John Mason that fares at peak times could actually be increased not reduced. This just shows how utterly out of touch the SNP are with our island communities”.