Sturgeon’s ‘desperate’ schools intervention risks more confusion

Nicola Sturgeon’s “desperate” response to the growing crisis over how schooling is delivered in Scotland risks causing even more confusion for parents and teachers, according to Shadow Education Minister, Jamie Halcro Johnston.

The Highlands and Islands MSP said: “As has too often been the case during their 13 year management of education in Scotland, the SNP are in a complete shambles.

Anger from parents and teachers over the Scottish Government’s plans for “blending learning” in schools has been growing over the last week, and now the First Minister has been forced to contradict much of what her education secretary, John Swinney, has spent the last three days defending.

“John Swinney has repeatedly pushed responsibility onto our local councils, warning them that he will hold them accountable for the delivery of education, only for councils to now be left in the dark about what policy they are supposed to be following.

“What on earth are parents and teachers supposed to make of these rival messages, and which one should they believe? John Swinney has been totally discredited by his own boss.

“Our children don’t get a second chance at their education so this lack of clarity could not be more serious. They have already missed out on huge swathes of their learning, and now risk losing out again.

“There has been a complete lack of political leadership from the SNP Government on this, with the Education Secretary now left overruled and undermined”.