Electricians Bill

On 18 August 2020 I lodged a public consultation on a proposed Electricians (Scotland) Bill in the Scottish Parliament. Every year, electrical faults cause accidents, shocks, fires and even, in the most extreme cases, death in domestic premises. Ensuring that electrical installations are carried out by properly qualified, experienced and competent electricians is essential to make sure that people are safe in their own homes.There are thousands of electricians across Scotland, carrying out professional work to high standards and improving the safety of people’s homes. However, the cases of poor quality work have potentially dangerous consequences and present a problem for wider society.

My proposed Member's Bill would aim to provide for the protection of title and registration of electricians in Scotland, ensuring that a person who called themselves an 'electrician' was appropriately qualified and registered.

I am looking to hear from as many voices as possible on these proposals, both from within the sector and outside. 

You can read the full consultation document on the Scottish Parliament's website here

Responding to the consultation

The consultation will be open until Tuesday 10 November 2020 and I would encourage anyone with a view to respond. 

You can respond through the Scottish Parliament's SmartSurvey website here

The above is the preferred method of responding. Alternative methods, including by post, are detailed in the consultation document.

Consultation responses

Responses to the consultation, which is still ongoing, will be posted below with regular updates as they arrive. It will take some time to process and review each response, so it may take some time to be published. 

Responses submitted 'not for publication' will not be posted here, but will be numbered and considered privately alongside the other responses. 


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1 - Tom Miers - ID 146745269.pdf 74.38 KB
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3 - David Stebbings - ID 146865170.pdf 72.83 KB
4 - Jim Cooper - Electro Installations (Scotland) Ltd - ID 146867340.pdf 74.48 KB
5 - James Murray - ID 146871263.doc.pdf 73.45 KB
6 - Ryan Johnstone Electrical Contractor - ID 146872423.pdf 136.18 KB
7 - Anonymous - ID 146877329.pdf 132.12 KB
8 - West End Electrical Limited - ID 146889368.pdf 137.04 KB
9 - Derek Howie - ID 146908615.pdf 136.54 KB
10 - Stewart McCardle - ID 146919201.pdf 140.08 KB
11 - Anonymous - ID 147013570.pdf 132.35 KB
12 - abc Electrical - ID 147019307.pdf 139.5 KB
13 - Steven Harper - ID 147027916.pdf 135.6 KB
15 - Gordon Eason Electrical - ID 147118135.pdf 139.41 KB
16 - Anonymous - ID 147239447.pdf 135.75 KB
17 - Peter Young Engineering - ID 147260233.pdf 138.82 KB
18 - JK Electrical, Glasgow - ID 147261799.pdf 138.6 KB
19 - Stuart Whitby - ID 147524058.pdf 141.47 KB
21 - British Approvals for Fire Equipment - ID 147037779.pdf 142.68 KB